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 We maintain professional standards and produce quality results from over 23 years of combined educational study, hands-on troubleshooting, and problem solving


Whether you are the owner of a small business looking to outsource technology services to maintain the stability of your computer network at the office. Or, use computer technology to enhance your personal lifestyle, Spaulding Technology can help you. By following our "B-M-R-G" objective (Build it Correctly - Manage it Consistently - Repair it Quickly - Grow Your Business), we can help you manage your technology issues efficiently.​ Our professional services are performed utilizing the most current tools and practices on location at your home, or at your place of business. While in certain cases, some services could be completed over the internet with a secured remote control application without the need for a technician to be physically be in front of your computer system. That saves time waiting on a technician to arrive.

Spaulding Technology maintains professional support by utilizing key services extremely important to achieve a secured trouble free network. Many other technology services fall short of following our "B-M-R-G" objective costing you business time and money.​ Spaulding Technology provides their customers a direct phone number and email address. Spaulding Technology recognizes the value of a professional relationship between us and their customers. You will feel more at ease building a strong and trusted relationship knowing answers to questions are only one phone call away.

Our computer technology services extend throughout Chicago and the surrounding Northwest Suburbs. Please phone Spaulding Technology, LLC to schedule your next appointment, or have questions answered.​ ​​​​​​​


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